Server Support

We support server environments up to 75 computers, specializing in Small Business Server solutions. We can support your non-server systems with solutions that will allow you to network your computers and share your data and printers. We can provide the right level of systems administration and support to meet your needs.

Workstation Support

Our remote support solution allows us to support your PCs and Macs over the internet without software installation on your computer. In minutes we can respond to your requests and troubleshooting needs and share control of your computer to resolve your issues.

Network Services

We support a full range of networking solutions, both wired and wireless. SecurComputing will ensure you use the right equipment to keep your systems communicating and secure. We will make sure your wireless equipment is operating safely with secure encryption. We can setup VPN solutions that will allow you to remotely connect to your office systems.


We understand the need for your network and your data to be confidential and secure.  SecurComputing takes this into consideration when designing your network and configuring your servers and workstations.  We use the latest hardware firewall technology to secure the border to your network from the outside world, as well as server and client software firewalls and tools to protect your network and data from within.  Securcomputing can also assess your existing networks and recomend security enhancements or alterations.

Backup Solutions

Your information is a critical asset whether it's your business data or your family pictures. Don't wait for disaster to strike before implementing a backup solution. SecurComputing can set you up with backup software that will automate the backup process to ensure your data is protected. We will help you implement a solution that meets your needs and is within your budget. Don't go without a backup strategy, your data is too important to lose.

Data Recovery

Do you have data on a hard drive that you can no longer access? SecurComputing uses data recovery software that will analyze your hard drive and piece back together your lost files.  If your data is beyond our conventional reaches we also partner with data recovery specialists who operate "sterile environments" that allow your drive to be disassembled in an attempt to dig deeper and recover what has been lost.